About the Department

The City of Tonganoxie Fire Department provides ALS first response to its citizens and visitors. The fire department responds in tandem with Leavenworth County Emergency Medical Services who provides transport to area hospitals.

What EMS Services do you offer?

TFD utilizes several levels of certified personnel from Emergency Medical Responders to Paramedics to ensure that the highest care possible is provided.  In addition to certified personnel TFD has one of the most progressive medical programs in the area.  We offer Advanced Life Support pre-hospital care including cardiac monitoring, venous access (IV), several life saving medications, and progressive trauma care.  When necessary we may also request a helicopter for aeromedical transportation to specialty hospitals such as trauma or stroke centers. We are also one of the few agencies in the area to have a RAD-57 carbon monoxide monitor which allows our crew to diagnose carbon monoxide exposure in the field, shortening the time it takes to receive the appropriate treatment.

Blood pressure checks:

We offer free blood pressure checks to anyone needing them. Feel free to stop by the station during normal business hours.

Do you offer EMS Trainings to the public?

Yes, American Heart Association CPR courses are available.

What should a citizen or caregiver do in an emergency medical situation?

Keep calm, don't move the patient, call 911, describe what is wrong with the patient, your location/address, your phone number if a callback is necessary, don't hang up the phone until the dispatcher tells you to; turn on the porch light and unlock your door.