Plans and Regulations

Application Fees
A listing of various fees for permits and applications

Building Codes
Learn the building codes that apply to your construction

US Highway  24-40 Corridor Management Plan
Short- and long-term plan to serve traffic growth on the highway

Comprehensive Plan/Vision 2020
A long-term plan for growth and development of the city

Downtown Design Standards
Design Guidelines for the Central Business District

Floodplain Management Plan
Recognizing and mitigating potential floods.

Planning Maps
Blueprints for future use of undeveloped land.

Planning Statutes
Planning statutes allow for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.

Subdivision Regulations
Subdivision regulations govern how land is divided into individual lots.  These regulations require development according to specific design standards and procedures adopted by local ordinances.

Zoning Map
A diagram showing city districts zoned according to residential and commercial uses.

Zoning Ordinances
Laws separating a municipality into districts and regulating their use of buildings and structures.