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Utilities, Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling

If you need help with utility services, please call City Hall at (913) 845-2620.


2020 Water and Sewer Rate Adjustments

Beginning with February 1, 2020 utility billing, customers may notice that utility rates have been revised and in some cases increased. The information in the notice linked below outlines the changes approved in October 2019.

View Water & Sewer Utility Rate Structure Changes Information

2019 Water and Sewer Rate Study Analysis

The City's water and sewer utility rate study report reflects the results of a rate analysis completed in 2019 by Carl Brown, President of The analysis was procured and prepared under the oversight of the Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA) RATES Program, which offers an industry-standard, discounted approach to completing complex rate analysis in a fashion designed for smaller communities in Kansas.

The report was designed to provide the City Council with the information necessary to operate under a cost of service model, which is an approach designed to assign costs (service charges) to different utility users (customers) at the respective levels of service demanded by each user.

The report was completed in early May 2019, presented by Carl Brown to the City Council on May 20, 2019, and was used in the preparation of the 2020 annual budget.


Utility bills are due the 15th day of every month. Payments received after this day are subject to a late fee.

View Storm Water Utility Information

There are now five ways to make your monthly utility payment
    1. Pay on-line (for no additional charge)
    2. Pay by automatic draft from your checking account. Fill out the Auto Deposit Authorization form, print it, and bring it with you to city hall.
    3. Pay by phone at (913) 845-2620 with your debit or credit card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
    4. Pay in person at City Hall by check, cash, debit, or credit.
    5. Mail check to the city hall address shown on your utility bill.

    Do you need to sign up for new water, sewer, and trash services?

    View, complete and submit the City of Tonganoxie Utilities Service Contract online. Alternative methods of submitting the Contract include delivery of the completed form to City Hall or faxing it to (913) 845-9760. A $30 non-refundable new connection fee is applied to your first bill.

    Do you need to contact other utility services?

    In this section you can learn about various utilities offered and about how you can sign up for them.


    Two electric companies provide electric service depending on where your home or business is located. North of State Avenue (US 24-40) is served by Free State Electric, and south of the same road is served by Westar Energy. If you need assistance determining which company services your area, feel free to contact city hall at (913) 845-2620. You may also contact Westar Energy at (800) 383-1183 and Free State Electric at (913) 796-6111.


    Kansas Gas Service provides gas service to Tonganoxie and can be contacted at (800) 794-4780.


    AT&T, Direct Star TV, and Midco are telephone providers in Tonganoxie.

    AT&T - (800) 464-7928 or customer link

    Direct TV - (877) 423-3403 or customer link

    Midco - 1-(800)-888-1300 or customer link


    For Your Information

    Municipal Utilities

    The City of Tonganoxie provides water, sewer, and trash services. Businesses that locate within city limits must use municipal utilities. Please review our water and sewer regulations for information on connecting to City water and sewer service, maintenance responsibilities and more.

    For information on Tonganoxie's water safety, check out the most current Water Consumer Confidence Report covering the current calendar year.

    The utility bills are mailed the first business day of each month and are due by 4:30 p.m. on the 15th of the month. After that time/date a 10% penalty will be added to your balance.  Shut-off notices are mailed on the next working day following the 15th of every month as a reminder of the unpaid bill. This notice also contains the date your water will be shut off if the bill remains unpaid. Shut off date falls on the second to last business day of the month. If that falls on a holiday, shut-off will occur the next business day. If that falls on a Friday, shut-off will occur the following Monday. On the shut-off date, in addition to the regular bill and 10% penalty, the reconnection fee is $30 during business hours; after hours the reconnection fee is $75.

    The division of each charge is explained below.

    Water - The minimum monthly charge for water service is based on water meter size. For the typical-sized residential meter, the monthly minimum charge is $18.73. For each 1,000 gallons of water usage the unit charge is $6.32.

    SewerThe minimum monthly charge for sewer service is based on water meter size. For the typical-sized residential meter, the monthly minimum charge is $15.94. Residential monthly charges will be based on average monthly water usage billed during the months of November, December, and January. Until a residential customers has established a winter average, the monthly user charge shall be the average of the average charge of all other residential customers. For each 1,000 gallons of water usage the sewer unit charge is $4.49.

    Commercial customers are charged the same amount as water consumption.  Tonganoxie does not have meters on sewer lines.

    Trash -  Your trash day depends on where you live. Trash service charges are $16/month.  Optional bi-weekly curbside recycling is $4.50/month.

    You must have your trash to the curb by 7:00 AM.  Trash collection is contracted through Honey Creek Disposal. During the week of a holiday observed by Honey Creek, trash will be collected one day late. These holidays include:

    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
    All other holidays will follow your standard collection schedule. Visit the Honeycreek website for more information or call 913-369-8999.

    **Businesses must provide for their own trash disposal.**

    Yard Waste - Yard waste is collected on the same day each week as the customer's regular trash collection. All leaves and brush must be in craft paper bags designed for yard waste disposal. Plastic bags are prohibited.

    Tree trimmings must be bundled. Bundles must be tied securely, shall not be more than 18 inches in diameter, not more than four feet long or more than 65 pounds in weight.

    Bulky Items - Bulky item collection is the first scheduled trash day of the month for residential customers. Residents may put out two bulky items per month. Large items include household furniture, appliances, bicycles and like items.

    The following items are not allowed and will not be collected: lumber, carpet, building or remodeling materials, tires, chemicals, oil, paint, rocks, dirt, concrete, animal remains, and appliances containing refrigerant, commercial or industrial waste, or materials of an explosive or toxic nature.


    For automatic debit payments from your bank account, fill and send the ACH Debit Authorization Form.

    Municipal Utility Schedule

    The City of Tonganoxie schedules connections, disconnections, and transfers Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  There is no fee to transfer service from one address to another within the City limits.