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The Internet is a great resource. It can help you with your homework and provide entertainment with games and music. But, as with any other undertaking, you must protect yourself at all times. Here are just a few ways you can make the Internet a safe and helpful resource. Never give personal information to anyone on the Internet. Don't enter your name, your phone number, your street address or your email address, without first discussing it with your parents. Never agree to meet anyone you meet on the internet Don't say mean things or be abusive to people you meet on the Internet. If others say mean or dirty things to you on the Internet go elsewhere on the Internet or sign off quickly. The easy way to do this is to click the HOME button on the task bar of your browser. Always tell your parents if this happens to you. A person you meet on the Internet may not be who he says he is. It is easy to pretend to be someone other than who you are on the Internet. You should not be on a site or in a chat room if you would be uncomfortable sharing that experience with your parents. If you come across a site that makes you uncomfortable or if someone tries to get personal information from you, just click the "HOME" button at the top of the browser. Remember... Don't do anything online that you know you shouldn't do in real life. Come back to this site, again. More helpful information will be added from time to time.