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Contact Information
(913) 369-3754

Emergency Contact
Dial 9-1-1

Office Address
Tonganoxie Police Dept
128 E. 6th Street
Tonganoxie, KS 66086

Tonganoxie police badge

Welcome to the Tonganoxie Police Department web page.

Most importantly, you should know how to contact the police.

If an emergency; always call 911. If non-emergency you can call us at (913) 369-3754.  A computer answering system will lead you through the different extensions that should get you to the person you need to speak with. We are a small department and employ one civilian to answer the phones and greet citizens that walk into out department. If you wish to come to the Police Department, we are located at 128 E. 6th Street just south of downtown Tonganoxie.


Is your child home alone after school or other times of the day?  See these links:

At any time you and your family need the police, please call 9-1-1.

Summer Vacation Safety for Your Home

Helpful Neighborhood Watch Information


If you live in Tonganoxie I encourage you to become involved with your police department and the community in general. The Tonganoxie Police Department strives to work with the citizens of this community to provide a safe and friendly place to live. There are many opportunities to partner with the police department. If you would like information on these opportunities please contact me at the below email or telephone the Police Department directly.

I sincerely, hope that you find our department professional and approachable, while we strive to keep our citizens safe! If you have a need to contact me directly I suggest you email me at .

Thank You for taking the time to visit our web page!

Overview and Functions

The Tonganoxie Police Department is a small sized department with 12 full time Police Officers (including the Chief) and 1 full time Civilian Clerk. All members of the Police Department have pledged to serve and protect the residents and visitors of the City of Tonganoxie with honor, and the highest degree of professionalism.

The Tonganoxie Police Departments main function is the emergency response to potential life threatening events. These events can range from medical emergencies, traffic accidents, disturbances, or other event that can result in death or serious bodily harm. The Police also protect the citizens’ property by suppressing criminal activity with rigorous patrols and enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. The Officers are all State Certified and trained to respond to criminal and emergency incidents.

The Police Department is proud to be a progressive and professional department with highly qualified men and women wearing the uniform. The equipment employed by the Department is first rate with outstanding capabilities.

Additional Services available:

Some of the services available from the department include:

Vacation Watch:          If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, you can register your home for a vacation watch. Your home will then be periodically checked by the Police Department to help you while you are away.

Safe House:                 In partnering with the community group T3, the Police Department has designated homes in the community as Safe Houses. Individuals at these homes have undergone criminal background checks and been given guidance on what to do in an emergency. Youth in the community, if they become the victim of criminal activity, to include bullying can be safe by going to one of the designated homes and get the required assistance. A sign has been placed in the yard of each of these homes for easy identification.

Cadets:                        The Police Department has a number of cadets, young adults ranging in age from 14 to 21 participating in this Explorer program to learn what Police Officers Activities are as they discover if Law Enforcement is a career path they wish to pursue.

Mission Statement:

Policing the Community we serve with Integrity, Respect, and Professionalism.

Our mission will be accomplished through our values:

Preservation of life- Nothing is more important than our duty of preservation of life and responding to provide aid in an individual’s most dire call for assistance.

Integrity-We value individual adherence to the integrity of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, and we will demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all of our interactions. We know that integrity is the basis for public trust.

Commitment to service: We value the opportunity to provide service that is courteous, responsive, efficient and fair. We know that each act, no matter how large or small, can make an impact on the quality of life.

Respect for the dignity of all individuals- We strive to deliver services, provide assistance and make decisions that are fair, without prejudice and we will show the respect to all we encounter.

Reverence for the law-We value our individual dedication to the police profession, and will enforce the law of the land regardless of our personal opinions and with out fear or favor.

Vision Statement:

The Tonganoxie Police Department will continually work to maintain the highest quality of public safety services for everyone in our community. We will uphold the highest of ethical standards in ensuring we provide a professional service based on respect for all individuals encountered. We will always be aware that the public's trust in us will be determined by the individual decisions made by members of our department. We will base our decisions and actions on a foundation of respect, integrity, fairness and professional conduct. Our department will always be concerned about the community we serve and setting our own standard of excellence.