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UTV Registration Information

Posted by Dan Porter at May 14, 2019 04:01 PM |

Ordinance 1469 goes into effect on May 15, permitting the recreational use of Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) as outlined in the Ordinance. Requirements include a roll over protection system, properly installed and functioning headlights, tail lights and brake lights, a safety harness or seat belt for each passenger, steering wheel, weight of at least 1,000 pounds; proof of Insurance, and verification of personal property tax paid (or applicable exemption).

Anyone wishing to register a UTV for recreational use within the City limits as permitted by Ordinance 1469 should contact the Tonganoxie Police Department at (913) 369-3754 to set up an appointment to begin the registration process. The Checklist/Waiver and Release of Liability form is required to complete registration. The total fee for Inspection and Registration is $200.