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Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

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Brandon Harder, Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer

Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday








Apply for a Permit

To apply for a building permit, complete the Building Permit Application.  You may deliver it to city hall or scan a signed copy and e-mail it.  You may pay by telephone by calling (913) 845-2620.

Contractors for hire must already have a business license.


  1. No work may begin until you have received your approved building permit.
  2. If you hire a contractor for the work, then that contractor must have a city business license before getting your permit.
  3. Roofing companies must provide a copy of their state registration.

Take note! Below are common items that require a building permit and inspection.

Sheds bigger than 10 feet X 12 feet
Swimming pools more than 24 inches deep
Air compressor

    Sign Permit Application

    New Home Rebate Incentive Program

    To estimate the potential cost of your building permit, look over the following fee schedules:

    Building and Specialized Permit Fee Schedule - Updated 01/01/2019


    Schedule an Inspection

    If you need an initial assessment inspection of your building, the rate is $21.00 per half hour payable in advance.  Open this form and check "Non-permit inspection" and return to city hall or e-mail your request.  You may pay by telephone by calling (913) 845-2620.

    If you already have a building permit and are ready for an inspection, call city hall at (913) 845-2620 or e-mail your request to get on the inspector's schedule.

    Please anticipate your inspections at least two days ahead of time.

    Tip: new construction and remodel builders should check Schedule E above for the eligible type of construction and multiply the square feet of your project by the type unit value.  The most common is "Type 5B."  Then use that answer in Schedule A to calculate your base permit fee.  If you have additional electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work, add these to your base permit fee.  New construction must also pay a development excise tax of nine cents ($0.09) per square foot of the lot.

    Tip: have you verified where you can build?  Some easements on your property reduce the buildable area.  Zoning may also restrict the place and type of construction.  If you need help to learn about easements or zoning regulations, call city hall at (913) 845-2620.


    Report a Code Violation

    To report a code violation, complete an online form or print this Code Violation Complaint Form.  You may deliver the print to city hall or scan a signed copy and e-mail it.