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Licenses & Permits



Business License Application
Apply for a license to conduct business in Tonganoxie.

Building Permit Application

Apply for a building permit.  See also fee schedules.

Dog & Cat Tags

Read about pet licenses and how to apply.

Fireworks Sales Application & Codes
Apply for a permit to sell fireworks, and read
codes applying to the use and sale of fireworks.

Lot Split Application
An application for dividing property lots.

Manufactured Home Occupancy Permit
Certify a building's compliance with applicable
building codes and other laws.

Plat Application
Apply for a map showing locations and boundaries of
individual land parcels.  City streets, alleys,  easements,
and rights of land use are defined in order to promote orderly and efficient community growth.

Sign Permit Application
A sign permit is required to verify that placement of signs, window signs, and wall signs comply with their advertised use.

Site Plan Review Application
A site plan is a graphic representation of buildings,
parking, drives, landscaping, and other structures
verify that development codes are being met.

Site Plan Review Checklist
Make certain you have met all the requirements for a site plan.

Special Event / Parade Permit Application

For your special event or parade request city space, city services, police, fire, street closures, and request permits for signs, vendors, and more.

Special Use Permit Application
Apply for an exemption to city zoning regulations. Any change must be neutral or positively impactful on the existing neighborhood.

Temporary Use Permit
Acquire this permit if your temporary event takes place on private property and if it will interfere with traffic. Examples include athletic events, street fairs, carnivals, arts & craft shows, rallies, and parades.

Variance Request
A variance is an exception to land use regulations,
for example if you want to have a business in your home.

Zone Change Request
A zone change request allows a property owner to rezone a property to another zoning classification.

Vending Permit Application
Those wishing to be a street or mobile food vendor need a permit and may access the details here.