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Contractor Licensing

Tonganoxie requires licensed contractors doing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work .

On September 15, 2014, the City Council approved the Contractor Licensing Program.  As of January 1, 2015, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing companies must obtain a city contractor license before getting a building permit. Each contractor will have to be working under a licensed professional through the Johnson County Licensing and provide the City with a copy prior to being issued a city license and building permit.

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To obtain a city license, contractors must apply through Johnson County Licensing, pay a one-time $100 application fee and $225 fee per license.  The City of Tonganoxie does not charge an additional fee.  Contractors may either pass a test of current building codes of the trade or demonstrate substantial experience with a written endorsement from a currently licensed contractor or demonstrate 20 successfully finished and permitted projects in the last five years from any jurisdiction will be issued a city license under the "grandfather" clause. All licensed contractors are required to obtain eight hours of continuing education credit per year. These classes are offered through Johnson County and are not extra cost.

In addition, to a building permit, all contractors conducting business within the city limits of Tonganoxie are required to have a City business license. License applications should be completed prior to starting work in the city and are renewed annually in January each year.

For more information on licensing requirements, visit the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program website.

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