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2016 Water and Sewer Rate Information

Posted by jshockley at Jan 27, 2016 04:10 PM |

View 2016 Utility Rate Information

Beginning with the February 2016 utility billing, residents may notice that their utility rates have increased slightly. The table below outlines the change in rates from 2015 to 2016:

Billing Item

2015 Rate

2016 Rate


Minimum usage: $10.81

Each additional 1,000 gallons: $5.38

Minimum usage: $11.13

Each additional 1,000 gallons: $5.54


Minimum usage: $16.79

Each additional 1,000 gallons: $4.33

Minimum usage: $17.29

Each additional 1,000 gallons: $4.46


$15.00 per month

$15.00 per month


$4.00 per month

$4.00 per month

Extra Container

$3.00 per month

$3.00 per month

Debt Service

$9.50 per month

$11.50 per month

Fire Department

$3.00 per month

$3.00 per month




What changed from 2015 to 2016?

Both the water and sewer rates include a planned annual increase of 3%. The debt service fee increased $2.00, from $9.50 per month to $11.50 per month.

Why is it necessary to increase water and sewer rates?

The City of Tonganoxie is responsible for providing safe and reliable drinking water to our residents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The annual planned rate increase of 3% will help the City keep pace with increasing water supply and wastewater treatment costs, as well as the costs associated with maintenance and replacement of utility equipment. The increase in the debt service fee is due to an increase in the city’s annual debt payment, starting in 2016, for water and sewer infrastructure. From time to time, it is necessary for the City to issue debt to maintain and expand our water and sewer infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the City and stay in compliance with environmental regulations. This $2.00 increase will go towards paying the increased debt service payment that the City is required to pay for the next several years.

How will my utility bill be impacted?

Depending on the amount of gallons of water utilized per month, a customer should see only a slight increase in their monthly utility bill. Assuming the customer receives water, sewer, and trash service from the City and does not have an extra container or participate in curbside recycling, the impact on the utility bill will be as follows:


2015 Utility Bill

2016 Utility Bill

Minimum user



2,000 Gallon User



3,000 Gallon User



4,000 Gallon User



5,000 Gallon User



10,000 Gallon User



15,000 Gallon User



The Tonganoxie City Council is committed to keeping utility rates fair and reasonable for our residents, and city staff is always looking for ways to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

For questions pertaining to your utility bill, please call City Hall at 913-845-2620 or email