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Business Incentives & 2020 Plan

If your potential business or local growing business will add significant public value to Tonganoxie, such as creating new jobs, your company may be eligible for government incentives.  Contact the city administrator at (913) 845-2620 or the executive director of the Leavenworth County Development Corporation at (913) 721-6111 to learn more.

Tonganoxie has land!

In fact, four areas are currently shovel-ready for commercial development.

  1. Urban Hess Business Park is zoned light industrial (Commercial II), fully platted, and fully served by public infrastructure.  Lot sizes range between one and two acres.  The price is right and the location is on US 24-40 Highway, a four-lane divided freeway.  The land is publicly owned and eligible for below-market purchase incentives.
  2. Adjoining Urban Hess is the Highland Ridge Business Center also sits on US 24-40 Highway and is zoned half light industrial and half general business/retail.  Lots sizes range between one and two acres.  All services are connected.  Land prices are competitive and the location has high visibility.
  3. De-Fries Brotherson Industrial Park is zoned moderate industrial, which allows for more intensive uses with noise, chemicals, and odors.  Lot sizes range between one and four acres.  Access is ideal with a short arterial road connecting to US 24-40 Highway.
  4. Tonganoxie Business/Industrial Park has unique zoning that can adapt to nearly any industry except very heavy industrial uses.  The area offers 234 acres that are buildable to suit.  All utilities are available at the site, including two sources of fiber optic communications.  The City of Tonganoxie controls the land, which makes below-market sale eligible in exchange for added public value.


A special plan was commissioned by the City of Tonganoxie to examine opportunities and pressures for retail-commercial development and employment centers in response to changing demand in a new economic climate.

Economic Development -- Business Building

Economic Development - Aerial View of Tonganoxie


Development Plan 2020

Preliminary Pages
Cover, Acknowledgments, List of 2020 Leaders, Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Existing Issues
Introduction, Public Opinion Survey Results, Strategies from Report Recommendations, Local Institutional Partners
Chapter 2:  Retail-Commercial Market
Economic Study Sector-by-Sector, Retail Market Description, Target Retail Prospects,
Chapter 3:  Citywide Development Plan
Action Steps for Business Development, Financing Development Efforts, "Branding" of Tonganoxie, Beautification Projects
Chapter 4:  Downtown Development Plan
Definition of "Downtown", How to Attract Visitors to Downtown, Making Downtown Attractive to "Day-Trippers", Create a Downtown Park or Civic Plaza, Street Improvements to Downtown, Beautification of Downtown,
Chapter 5:  Community Opinion Survey
Who Responded to the Survey?, High Gasoline Costs Affect Travel to Tonganoxie, Which Restaurants & Businesses Types Would People Like to See? (Department Store, Auto Parts Store, Movie Theater, Golf Course, Concerts, Plays)
Appendix A:  U.S. 24-40 Highway Corridor Study
Collaboration with Neighboring Cities, Sound Land Use, Preserving the "Rural Driving Experience", Traffic Management
Appendix B:  Additional Objectives
Purity of Air & Water, Planting New Trees, Conserving Natural Resources, Parks & Open Space, Community Facilities & Services


Economic Development -- Picture of Downtown

Downtown Revolving Loan for Facade Improvements

The City of Tonganoxie in connection with the Kansas Department of Commerce has funds available to loan to the downtown merchants for no or low interest. Please click the link below for more information or call Kathy Bard (913) 845-2620 ext. 1104.

Learn more about the Downtown Revolving Loan for Facade Improvements